Dienstag, 28. September 2021

Recycling by Marlena Lüdemann

This short clip shows you how I recycled Robert Frost’s poem ‘The Road Not Taken’ in a way that it hopefully addresses everyone with some kind of message or idea that is relatable. Whenever I read that poem I could really understand what it feels like to stand in front of a crossway and not knowing which way to pick. I decided to create another kind of poem which displays a difficult situation like the one in the poem in a more generalized way. By subdividing the poem’s lines into groups and writing down statements for each sub group that address the viewer or reader I tried to create something new which includes my thoughts but can also be relatable for everyone watching the video. The phrases I came up with might be thoughts all of us have had before. Based on ‘The Road Not Taken’ I wrote down statements that the little devil on your shoulder could whisper in your ear whenever you have to make a decision. They can be some kind of warning or reminder. Also the last statement "You can never have it all" should emphasize that it often helps to accept the decisions we make instead of looking back or being too greedy. However, I think life and the decisions that come with it are hard sometimes but we should not forget to make the best of it and accept that each path we decide to take gives us new opportunities – So don’t forget about the little angel on your other shoulder!

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